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SEPTEMBER 6TH to the 10th

Annual ASA Gathering
 ASA Fly in 2017 will be held at Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In
Register Now for the Event!!!

We have decided to have an informal gathering this year at Triple Tree Aerodrome. The aerodrome is gorgeous with great facilities. For those of you that have been there you know what we are talking about and need to get other Sonex folks to attend.

We are in the process of arranging group parking for the airplanes with more details to follow.

Please indicate if you plan to come by completing this short attendance form. It will help us to look out for you.

Please send any questions or queries to either John Davis or Peter van Schalkwyk

Triple Tree offers:
•    7,000 x 400 ft. manicured bentgrass runway
•    Restored WWII  control tower
•    440 acre site
•    Unlimited exceptional camping sites
•    Unrivaled, CLEAN bath facilities with private showers and granite countertops
•    Over six miles of hiking trails
•    Fishing  yes, you can eat them while on-site
•    Friendliest staff
•    Great food
•    Great educational seminars
•    Fun social events
•    World’s most beautiful aviation facility
•    FUN, Fellowship and Hospitality - Guaranteed!!!
•    Please plan to join us for the Triple Tree Fly-In!

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