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The American Sonex Association was founded by John Davis in September of 2004 as a way to provide the Southeast with a place to look at, fly in, and talk about the Sonex Aircraft. The entire purpose of the ASA is to provide help, encouragement, and special tools to Sonex builders where ever they might reside.

Christmas Special from Prince Propellers

E-Series Elliptical  propeller for  Sonex/Waiex  VW, Aero Vee, Great Planes, Casler, Jabiru 2200    $ 670.00 (Wood)
E-Series Elliptical  propeller for  Sonex/Waiex  VW, Aero Vee, Great Planes, Casler, Jabiru 2200    $ 820.00 (Carbo Fiber)
E-Series Elliptical  propeller for  Sonex/Waiex  Jabiru 3300                                                                         $ 770.00 (Wood)
E-Series Elliptical  propeller for  Sonex/Waiex  Jabiru 3300                                                                         $ 920.00 (Carbon Fiber)
Urethane Leading Edge Protectors                                                                                                                      $100.00
Propeller Tape Kits                                                                                                                                                 $42.00

Please follow this link to the full Barnstormers advertisement from Lonnie at Prince Propellers.

ASA 2013 Gathering

New Pictures posted  12/12/2013
ASA 2013
ASA 2013 Prize Winners
Pictures posted  November
ASA in quick review (You Tube Video) 
Missing Man 
Flying with Dave Story 
ASA2013 YAV 
2013 Pictures taken By Shayne 
The best part of building an airplane... by Doug Raby 

Next Year's ASA is October 10th and 11th.  Mark you calendars now.

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